Can Opener, Anyone?

So I decided to play in my new kitchen tonight. I haven’t been able to do much in there yet as you’ll soon find out. I have this ground beef that I have to do something with (thanks to my grandmother lol). So I made a decision of what to do with it, pulled out ingredients, and started mixing stuff by hand in a large bowl. Then I made patties and threw them in the cast iron skillet to cook. When they were about done and ready to flip… Oh… This is really not a good time to realize that I haven’t unpacked any spatulas. Half cooked meat in a pan with raw beef covered hands. Wash hands, dig around in likely boxes and find a spatula…. Finally flip meat and start working on the rest. Or not. You’ve gotta be kidding me. I can’t open the can of tomato sauce. No can opener ANYWHERE. Bring in operation “Open Every Box In Kitchen.” In the very LAST box, I found an old bottle opener that happened to have one of the OLD can openers on the other end… Whew. At least it opens cans. Now that I have a complete disaster in my kitchen, I have dinner.