Odds N Ends…

I’ll start this one off with – I’ve been sick. My brain is NOT fully functioning…. and this is bits and pieces of multiple things that should make you giggle from our lovely holiday.

I took the kids down to my Mom’s again this year. I have 2 phone chargers for the car. One does not work. The other might, but I’m not certain because my phone does not charge well. And I didn’t throw out the “bad” one just in case it did really work, just not on my phone. So when we started out, I plugged my phone in and realized it was the “bad” one that never charges the phone. I switched to the AC adapter because I know that works. I handed my daughter the car charger and mentioned that she could use it if she wanted to try it. I made no promises as to whether it would work, just that she could try since her phone was dead. She plugged in her phone and said no, it didn’t work. But she left it plugged in anyway just in case, and she put her phone down.

A bit later, she could not find her phone. It was missing. She checked her lap, her seat, the floor, and everything in between. She was PISSED that she lost her phone, and worse – she lost it when it’s dead so it can’t ring. She looked again as she wallowed in her anger, didn’t find it and sat there angrily for a little bit. When I mentioned something about checking her seat, I thought she was going to bite my head off as she told me she checked EVERYWHERE, looked down at the floorboard, went “oh”… picked up her phone…. and followed the short cord all the way to the plug in the car. Then she looked at me like, “Really?!” I just about wet myself I laughed so hard.

On the up side, her phone was charged…

My son is incredibly intelligent. He knows his ABCs and his numbers. I don’t just mean he can count or sing – I mean he can point them out and tell you, “B is for Ball” while he hands you a B. We use magnet numbers and letters regularly, and he brought me the C. While I was changing his diaper, he told me that “C is for Car” I said, “YES! C is for Car and Cat and Cassidy…. Did you know your name is Cassidy?” His response?

Wait for it….

“Name is Cassidy Torin Braamber NOW!”

I didn’t know he knew his name was Cassidy. Much less that he thought his name was Cassidy Torin Braamber NOW! LOL!!! He repeated this multiple times throughout the day.

We’ve also been working on, “Don’t take things that are not yours.” Did I mention we’ve been sick? At my Mom’s house, my son got a little snotty. I didn’t notice it yet, and it was apparently bothering him. He walked up to a tissue box, carefully grabbed the tissue sticking halfway out of the box, and used it on his nose. Then he carefully LEFT the tissue halfway in the box and happily trotted off. It wasn’t his. He didn’t have permission to take it. So he didn’t. Something tells me this rule backfired BIG time.

When we got home Saturday evening, we quickly unloaded in the floods and put stuff up. Or at least mostly up. Then we fed, and I went to bed. I was feeling REALLY bad. Last night, I wandered into the kitchen, and I opened the fridge looking for water. I saw everything BUT water. I mentioned to my daughter who was standing there that, “We need to clean out the fridge and get stuff out of here that….” While speaking, I picked up a thing of lunch meat and put it in the meat drawer to try to organize just a little bit. Then I saw a strange looking package. I picked it up, looked inside….. Yep. This would be one of those things that does NOT belong in the fridge. Now, can someone please tell me how my daughter’s jewelry made it into the fridge? With the weather, I’m not sure I’d want to wear a chilled necklace right now. Maybe in the summer….