Solid Waste… and more!

The sun was brutal today. My daughter and I were both having trouble shielding from the insane brightness. Finally my daughter went, “OH!” And she jumped up and started fiddling in the truck. It’s my Mom’s truck, and my Mom has a tendency to hide things in her vehicles. Like glasses. My daughter opened a thingie and went “LOOK!” as she handed me a pair of sun glasses. Hahaha. THANK YOU! Brilliant child!! Then she kept fiddling and messing and looking in stuff until she found another pair of glasses. She put the glasses on herself and went, “Oh, uh…” I glanced at her and laughed and laughed – she looked ridiculous in the hilariously large glasses. I *thought* the “oh, uh…” was because she looked SO bad. I didn’t like the ones she gave me, they were too small and kinda hurt. So I took off the glasses I was wearing and handed them to her as I said, “Here, let’s trade. Give me those.” She obliged and happily took the ones from me. Then as I started to put them on, she goes, “….But you won’t be able to see *anything* out of them!” I registered what she was saying about the time I registered that I COULD see. Apparently Mom had hidden prescription sunglasses in her truck. LOL!! I know my vision isn’t the greatest, but that’s beside the point. I was stoked as I responded to her, “OH YES I CAN!! Look, I can read that SIGN! And that one! And that one…. and I can count the vehicles over there, and that up there is a truck, I can see it clearly!”…. All while she was about to pass out. “Um. Mom? Do you really see THAT badly? All this time, you can’t see anything?!” She’s scared to ride with me now, but I don’t understand why. I should probably find a new optometrist and get some new glasses.

I did mention we just got home right? That means driving after dark? I really despise driving after dark, and I don’t like to tell on myself very much about it, but tonight was really rather funny so here goes…. I approached one traffic light and stopped as I typically do if I can’t tell. I sat there for a good while waiting for it to turn green. Just to realize when it finally changed colors that it WAS green… so as the light was starting to turn red, I finally went through the intersection. Glad no one was waiting behind me. Just didn’t register at ALL that I could go or even to check and see if I could go. I think I’m tired.

There was another intersection that had messed up lights. As I approached, I was like, “Uh, not real sure WHAT to do with blue lights….” I can generally see blue. And traffic lights aren’t blue. Maggie laughed and said it was green, but it was definitely NOT green. A few minutes later? Another blue light. I commented to her about, “Look, that one’s blue too.” Her reply was FULL of uncertainty: “Yeah…. that one is definitely… NOT…. blue. But it’s not green either….”

We were playing with my GPS on the way home tonight. We were playing with the verbal commands and telling it to take us to [insert random thing we said] and see where it suggested. Because of Mr. Rickman’s recent passing, I said, “Severus Snape” – GPS asked if I wanted to go to Steak Escape. Cute… Then we tried other things for the fun of it. When my daughter said my son’s name, it asked about a bunch of tire shops – totally fitting. Most were pretty great and generally very fitting, but I don’t remember them. Then I said Maggie’s name…. GPS was like, “Okay – routing to SOLID WASTE!” *sigh*