It’s a Horse, Of Course, Of Course…

We were invited to many Thanksgivings today. Families offered for us to join them, friends asked us over, and we had several invitations for orphan Thanksgivings. People know that we’re up here alone, and we don’t really have family in the area. And really, I hadn’t planned on celebrating at all. Not that I’m not thankful, it’s just not a holiday I get into. This day and I don’t have much of a good history. So I was going to just enjoy the day off and not get involved in social issues…..

Then I accepted an offer. That’s what started this whole thing. I changed my plans LOL I went to a friend’s house last night and helped them get ready for celebration today. We took care of the animals before we left and planned to just stay through “meal” today. I really had a GREAT time visiting friends, cleaning, helping, and just spending time together. I wish I could have visited all my friends, especially all those who invited us.

Then I decided that we needed to get home. It was starting to get dark, and we still had to feed. So we got our stuff packed up and… Oh look. Now it’s dark AND raining. Look guys, I don’t do well driving in the dark. And while I’m a great driver, my car doesn’t do well in the rain. We had a heck of a fun and eventful ride home. I only tried to kill my daughter a few times, and one time as we approached a stop light that I THOUGHT was red and was stopping… the light turned yellow. I also realized that I didn’t think I could stop the car. So I put my foot on the gas and went through the yellow instead. At which time Mag freaked out and started hollering, “BLUE! RED! YELLOW!!” Because lights are blue, and that helps me tremendously. At this point I know the light is yellow, and I know I’m okay…. LOL There were several times I seriously almost turned the car around and just went back. But then I thought about my hungry goats and kept going.

Then we got to the house, and I realize that it’s been raining a LOT here. A whole lot. And my driveway? Yeah, it’s a muddy mess in the rain. I said, “Ohh… I forgot about this part…” as I carefully made my way up the drive. I was extremely focused on not getting stuck in my driveway as I pulled around behind the house. I was GOING to shine the lights of the car on the barn so we could see to feed…. but about that time, we saw GIANT movement on the dark porch of the house. I stopped the car, and Maggie and I both went to screaming. In the car. Not driving. Just sitting there screaming. Do I back up? Do I shine lights at the house instead? Do we LEAVE? What do we DO?! Wait…. that’s a horse. On my porch. There’s a horse on my porch. Okay, I can handle this….

I put the car in park and got out in the rain to confront the horse on the porch. Note that I hadn’t exactly finished parking the car… but it’ll do. LOL As I approached, the horse took off. Except the goats’ feed is EVERYWHERE. Oh geez. And it’s rainy and wet and most of it isn’t salvageable, and I cannot replace it this late at night, and probably not on Thanksgiving anyway. I decided to turn the girls loose and let them come eat the feed that’s all over the porch. Kill 2 birds with one stone – some of the mess is cleaned up and the girls are fed. This will work…..

But even that doesn’t go as planned. When I went to open the gate, I found it already open. OPEN!! NOOO! Now it’s dark and rainy, and I’m soaked… and I’ve got goats and a dog that are who knows where. And a horse somewhere at the back of my property. What a mess. I quickly check and see the boys’ gate is still firmly latched.

Okay, so it’s just the girls and Freya, and I hear a baby baaah so let’s start with who we have, then we’ll figure out who we need to find. As I stepped in hollering for the girls, ALL of them came running to me. ALL of them. None are injured, none are missing. The girls are perfectly fine. Freya? She’s nowhere to be found. And she won’t recall so going to “look” for her won’t do any good – and who knows how long she’s been out. At this point, it could have been last night for all I know. So I hope that someone’s found her and will somehow get her back to me while I tend to the goats in the dark and rain.

I finally get things as “done” as I can out there and come inside. Change into warm, dry PJs, dry off, sit down… whew, it’s been a heck of a day…. and a friend down the road almost immediately asks me, “Hey, do you happen to have a black and white border collie?” Yes. Yes, I do. I’ll come get her. So I put my cold, wet clothes BACK on, put my boots back on, grabbed a leash, and took off down the road.

My friend was at her mom’s house. They had a Thanksgiving gathering with their family, and we finally got to meet her mom. I knew her mom lived there, but I haven’t gone to meet her yet. Really awesome people. I’m thankful that I got to see my friend and meet new friends tonight. And I’m thankful that Freya is back home without any hassle too. And I’m thankful for the large container of Thanksgiving leftovers they sent us home with too! Thank you. Knocking on doors and meeting new people was not in my plans tonight, but I’m glad I did. I’m also glad that Freya is back with the goats and that I’m back in warm, dry PJs. I’m pooped. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!