Brilliant Ideas….

So you see, after work, I decided I needed to move some fencing around the yard, rearrange, and move some goats to another location. I had done some figuring, and I thought, no problem – I’ll take a piece of fence here, 2 from there, and one from there… and tadaaa! 4 pieces that make a square for a separate pin over THERE. So I went to work. The first piece came out of a separate area where I put Freyja during feeding time. No problem!! Well. Except the minor fact that I chose FEEDING TIME to do this. So of course, there was a dog in there while I was trying to redo the fencing. And this dog is infatuated with cats. And she tries to escape. Oh, and she’s partially deaf. And doesn’t recall. Letting her out is MASSIVE fail. It took a while and LOTS of work, a bit of finagling, and maybe a little dancing… but I managed to steal the fence panel without letting her out.

Then I went to the buck pen. Well. What used to be the buck pen. Now it’s the “Big goat” pen. No problem, I think… I’m just going to take these last two panels at the end, connect these two ends, and waaala! Ha. Ha. Haha. Right. Except that… when I’m removing these panels, I have no place for the big goats to go. So while I was inching the panels away, I was also being hounded by goats who desperately wanted out so they could free-graze. Which is fine, except Sugar is a problem. She knows where I keep the feed, and she doesn’t free-graze. She darts for the feed. So I had to dance yet again to keep the goats in the pen while I was removing panels and moving the fence. I thought I was doing really well until… the fence came about a foot short of connecting to the other side. In case you didn’t know, that’s plenty of space for goats to go through. So I was stuck dancing with goats while trying to figure out my next move. Suddenly everything had to change. I could connect the fence another panel up, and that would even give me another spare panel right there without further work… except it meant a lot of work to move the fence where it was attached in the LITTLE goat pen. Long story short, it was a complicated disaster…. and I was dancing with goats.

Decision made, I disconnected the panel which connects to the little goat pen and connected the fence at the closer panel. The little ones aren’t big enough to move it so I just left it while I was working on the big goat area. Sugar and Tanner were not impressed that I didn’t let them out. Oh well. I got the big goat area completed while swiping 2 panels. Then I did something really brilliant. Instead of moving one of the fence panels at a time, I decided to go unhook both of the “freed” panels from the fence. Did you know that if you unhook one panel from everything, there is nothing holding it up? So did you know if you unhook 2 from everything, then unhook one from that so you can move it… you totally just unhooked one panel from EVERYTHING holding it up?! Yeah, well. My brain realized that one a little too late as my daughter was being a very good girl and just going along with my insanity. It wasn’t until I unhooked them both from the fence and then went to remove the one to move it that I realized what I’d done. And I commented about how smart that was. My daughter? “Yeah, I wasn’t going to ask. I figured you had some plan…” Yep, the plan was to move the fences, not disconnect them and watch them fall over.

When we got both of those panels moved, I returned to the mess I made of the little goat pen and the disconnected panel. I was even armed with scissors and zip ties. I had to get IN the pen to move the panels around and fix it. First I had to cut the zip ties, move the fence… and oh crap!! That panel I disconnected earlier to connect the big goat pen? Yep, I just cut it loose from the other fence too so now nothing was holding it up. Ooops. How did I make that mistake TWICE in 15 minutes?! A teenager jumped in JUST in time to grab the panel, save the day, and keep the pen from opening up and letting little goats out! She held the free panel (effectively closing off the fence) while I moved the fence. That wasn’t so bad. Now I just have to zip tie it to the other, and I’m done!! Guys? Big goats dance around to find a way out. Little goats want to play. And jump on you. And eat your hair. And try to rip your shirt off. Seriously! Have any of you ever tried to zip tie a fence with goats jumping on you and eating your hair and ripping off your shirt? Just stop and picture that for a moment. And don’t you dare comment about my new bald patches.

I would like to say that somehow between us, we managed to complete the task and made a small pen in another location, and I moved Tanner to graze over there for a bit this evening. Sugar gets a turn tomorrow.

So then I was sitting in my bedroom working on some things on my computer, and I saw *something* out of the corner of my eye dart across the room. I grabbed my house shoe for protection (I’m certain it would have protected me!!), and I tiptoed into the bathroom to see if maybe I was imagining things. And then a little grey mouse darted over to the sink…. Forget the shoe. I ran to my door and called the cats! FIVE cats came RUNNING to my rescue! No wait. Five cats came running to my call, thinking I might give them treats or pets or something. Not a SINGLE cat came running to my rescue. I left the door open to my cat-free room for a little bit hoping they would, you know, get motivated or something? And so I had three cats sleeping on my bed, one sleeping on my chair, and one in the bathroom making noise. I thought that *maybe* just *MAYBE* he was mousing…. until I peeked in and saw him on my bathroom counter… attacking himself in the mirror. OSSY!! *sigh* Fur REAL? I have FIVE cats in my room and not a ONE of them goes after the mouse?! I finally got irritated with the insistence of pets and getting into stuff and decatted my room again. I don’t know where the mouse is. At least it’s not a snake or a spider.

And with that thought, it’s time for bed. Goodnight world. Dream of mice scampering in your bedrooms while you sleep. No wait. Don’t. Dream of that which makes your heart smile.


It’s a Horse, Of Course, Of Course…

We were invited to many Thanksgivings today. Families offered for us to join them, friends asked us over, and we had several invitations for orphan Thanksgivings. People know that we’re up here alone, and we don’t really have family in the area. And really, I hadn’t planned on celebrating at all. Not that I’m not thankful, it’s just not a holiday I get into. This day and I don’t have much of a good history. So I was going to just enjoy the day off and not get involved in social issues…..

Then I accepted an offer. That’s what started this whole thing. I changed my plans LOL I went to a friend’s house last night and helped them get ready for celebration today. We took care of the animals before we left and planned to just stay through “meal” today. I really had a GREAT time visiting friends, cleaning, helping, and just spending time together. I wish I could have visited all my friends, especially all those who invited us.

Then I decided that we needed to get home. It was starting to get dark, and we still had to feed. So we got our stuff packed up and… Oh look. Now it’s dark AND raining. Look guys, I don’t do well driving in the dark. And while I’m a great driver, my car doesn’t do well in the rain. We had a heck of a fun and eventful ride home. I only tried to kill my daughter a few times, and one time as we approached a stop light that I THOUGHT was red and was stopping… the light turned yellow. I also realized that I didn’t think I could stop the car. So I put my foot on the gas and went through the yellow instead. At which time Mag freaked out and started hollering, “BLUE! RED! YELLOW!!” Because lights are blue, and that helps me tremendously. At this point I know the light is yellow, and I know I’m okay…. LOL There were several times I seriously almost turned the car around and just went back. But then I thought about my hungry goats and kept going.

Then we got to the house, and I realize that it’s been raining a LOT here. A whole lot. And my driveway? Yeah, it’s a muddy mess in the rain. I said, “Ohh… I forgot about this part…” as I carefully made my way up the drive. I was extremely focused on not getting stuck in my driveway as I pulled around behind the house. I was GOING to shine the lights of the car on the barn so we could see to feed…. but about that time, we saw GIANT movement on the dark porch of the house. I stopped the car, and Maggie and I both went to screaming. In the car. Not driving. Just sitting there screaming. Do I back up? Do I shine lights at the house instead? Do we LEAVE? What do we DO?! Wait…. that’s a horse. On my porch. There’s a horse on my porch. Okay, I can handle this….

I put the car in park and got out in the rain to confront the horse on the porch. Note that I hadn’t exactly finished parking the car… but it’ll do. LOL As I approached, the horse took off. Except the goats’ feed is EVERYWHERE. Oh geez. And it’s rainy and wet and most of it isn’t salvageable, and I cannot replace it this late at night, and probably not on Thanksgiving anyway. I decided to turn the girls loose and let them come eat the feed that’s all over the porch. Kill 2 birds with one stone – some of the mess is cleaned up and the girls are fed. This will work…..

But even that doesn’t go as planned. When I went to open the gate, I found it already open. OPEN!! NOOO! Now it’s dark and rainy, and I’m soaked… and I’ve got goats and a dog that are who knows where. And a horse somewhere at the back of my property. What a mess. I quickly check and see the boys’ gate is still firmly latched.

Okay, so it’s just the girls and Freya, and I hear a baby baaah so let’s start with who we have, then we’ll figure out who we need to find. As I stepped in hollering for the girls, ALL of them came running to me. ALL of them. None are injured, none are missing. The girls are perfectly fine. Freya? She’s nowhere to be found. And she won’t recall so going to “look” for her won’t do any good – and who knows how long she’s been out. At this point, it could have been last night for all I know. So I hope that someone’s found her and will somehow get her back to me while I tend to the goats in the dark and rain.

I finally get things as “done” as I can out there and come inside. Change into warm, dry PJs, dry off, sit down… whew, it’s been a heck of a day…. and a friend down the road almost immediately asks me, “Hey, do you happen to have a black and white border collie?” Yes. Yes, I do. I’ll come get her. So I put my cold, wet clothes BACK on, put my boots back on, grabbed a leash, and took off down the road.

My friend was at her mom’s house. They had a Thanksgiving gathering with their family, and we finally got to meet her mom. I knew her mom lived there, but I haven’t gone to meet her yet. Really awesome people. I’m thankful that I got to see my friend and meet new friends tonight. And I’m thankful that Freya is back home without any hassle too. And I’m thankful for the large container of Thanksgiving leftovers they sent us home with too! Thank you. Knocking on doors and meeting new people was not in my plans tonight, but I’m glad I did. I’m also glad that Freya is back with the goats and that I’m back in warm, dry PJs. I’m pooped. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!