Airport Fiasco… and Applesauce.

Adventures with Kris…. Because it’s been a while! And because after this fiasco, I thought maybe you’d all enjoy another adventure. My ex was scheduled to fly in on Monday afternoon, pick up our son, then fly back to Denver. She was arriving around 7:45. I was going to meet her at the gate and get her and my son loaded on the plane flying out at 8:45. It was a beautiful plan!

The flights were delayed so I took a little extra time getting my son ready. And I took a few minutes to snap some photos. I picked up my daughter, then we headed to the airport. They were flying out D26 so we parked at D31 baggage claim and went in. I explained to my daughter that only one of us would be allowed through security so she would have to wait for me at baggage check. We say bye, then my son and I wait in line at security. We have plenty of time. The flight is delayed until 9:05. The security line goes relatively quickly, and I give my son’s boarding pass to the guy at security and explain that I am just accompanying him to the gate to meet his other parent. He tells me to go wait in line at customer service and get a pass to get through security, then come through the “Priority” line. No problem, flight delayed until 9:05!

We get in line at Customer service. And stand there. And stand there. And stand there. My son plays with some boys in line, but then they leave. He lies down and asks to take a nap. He talks to the people behind us and sits on a lady’s buggy who was also in line. He points out all colors of suitcases, and he tells me all about the Skylink. If anyone’s wondering, my son fits in the “carry on” sizes according to the little metal sizing things.  An hour later, I’m starting to get concerned about getting through the line at customer service and getting through security. The flight is only delayed until 9:05…. It’s after 8, and we haven’t even gone through that big security line again! my daughter joins us in the customer service line since we haven’t successfully gone through security. Finally, it’s our turn! The lady at customer service is fantastic. She quickly understands what it is I’m needing and hands me passes for myself and my son. I ask if I can possibly bring my teenager with me…. I mean, I know only one adult can accompany him and she’s big enough to stay here, but can she stay with us? Please? YES!! Pass issued for her to join us. Whew!! And it’s only 8:30, I can have him there before they board at 8:45!

We breeze through security because we’re with a toddler – thank goodness! My daughter and I grab our shoes and start hurrying to get put back together…. Wait. Where is my son’s bucket? They pulled it. There’s something in the backpack that apparently looks concerning, and they need someone to go through it and test it for… I dunno, what do they test for?! And what on earth does a 3-year-old have that’s so scary in his tiny little backpack?! Applesauce. Seriously. They pull out his little packet of applesauce, test it, and then hand it to him telling me, “He’s all clear!” You’re kidding me. Applesauce.

So we scramble to get shoes back on his feet (he doesn’t have to take them off, but he does anyway), and we RUN to D26 where they are boarding for the flight. My ex is not here. They are calling, “__[Ex’s name]____, please report to gate D26 for boarding.” Um. She’s not here. Her inbound flight was delayed. She’s not landing until 9:07 pm. In terminal C. Uhhh. Houston, we have a problem.

8:50. They are about to take off, and she’s hasn’t even landed yet. It becomes PAINFULLY obvious that she’s not going to make the flight. I’ve got 10 % battery left on my phone, my ex in the air, my ex and son about to miss a flight, and a clueless ex’s partner waiting to pick them up on the other side. I talk to the people at the counter, a very nice gentleman who is thoroughly confused. “You’re ___[ex’s name]___?” No, I’m Kris, I’m MEETING my ex, she’s still in the air on the other flight. “You’re meeting her and getting on this plane?” No, I’m meeting her, and my SON is getting on the plane with her. I’m not flying. “Your son?… *looks at my daughter*…. So she’s flying?” No, my SON is flying. “Where’s your son?” *my daughter picks up my son so he can see over the counter*…. He can’t fly alone…. he’s flying with my ex… who’s still in the air. “Okay, so you want to reschedule my ex and Cassidy to another flight?” YES!! “Does she KNOW you’re changing her flight?!” Well. No. She doesn’t. She’s in the air, and I can’t talk to her right now, but I’ll tell her as soon as she reaches the gate. She’s not landing until 9:07, and you’ll be gone. She’ll be glad I got her on another flight out. “OOO-okay then. There’s another flight leaving at 10.” *prints tickets and hands them to me* We thank him VERY much and take off for C2 where she should be landing any time now….

10% Battery left. I need to notify her partner. I know her partner will be there to pick them up, but now she’ll be looking for them on the wrong flight… I call. Bad number. I message her through Facebook and hope she gets it, she immediately responds with a number. Whew. I call and let her know about the change of flight. She asks, “When does it land?” Well, of course she’d want to know that. I don’t know. The passes just say boarding C26 at 9:36. I tell her I’ll let her know as soon as I find out.

We make it to C2, and I send a message to my ex… “Don’t panic! It’s all worked out, meet you at the gate.” She responds, “Landed!” Then something like… “Thank goodness!” I’m watching the clock, but I don’t see the plane. Anytime now, the plane will appear. I have my son watching for the plane. He’s restless and wants to play, not run around the airport and behave. Please keep him sidetracked, please….

Then I have this BRILLIANT idea. Send my daughter to get info on the new flight! When does it land? Go find those boards, read it, and let me know what it says. Here’s the flight info…. I give her the boarding passes. My daughter can work on that while we wait for my ex, and I can get the landing info and be exactly where I’m supposed to be! My daughter takes off….

5 minutes later, she calls me in a panic, “MOM!! I don’t know where I am or how to get back!” Honey, just come back the way you came… “THEY WON’T LET ME!!” Huh? Who? Where are you? “I don’t know, there’s baggage claim here….” Oh honey, you left security. Oh no, you have their boarding passes. Oh no no no. “Mom, I didn’t know, I’m so sorry – what do I do?!” Okay, I don’t have time for this. I can’t get you back in here because stupid, stupid me didn’t give her HER pass, no, just my son’s and my ex’s. And I can’t go get her and all of us fight security again or they’ll miss the plane. So I respond…. “Okay, don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of it, you just get to Baggage Claim D31.” “BUT MOM! How do I do that?!” I don’t know. Ask someone for help, I can’t help with this right now…. 7% battery, and I haven’t gotten her partner the landing info, and I’ve lost my teenager. Dude, I’m in trouble.

I drag my son to the counter and explain the situation…. “So you’re trying to get me to print tickets for someone who is still in the air? And you’re not flying? What kind of identification do you have for these tickets? Uhhh, none. I didn’t book them. “Do you have a reservation number?” Well, yes. No. Maybe. I mean, I have the original one, then they rebooked her…. It’s all I’ve got, maybe it’ll work. I give her the number, she hands me 2 tickets. WHEW!!

It occurs to me that we’ve changed terminals. We’re in Terminal C. I told my daughter to meet me at D 31 baggage claim. Uhh. Well, I sure hope she can figure this out. If not, I’ll figure that out later when I can get the car and go find her.

While I was busy getting tickets, the plane appeared. People are trickling off… 9:25. My ex’s last off the plane. Hahaha, of course she is. I calmly (and proudly, I admit) meet her at the gate, toddler and new boarding passes in hand, as if I’ve got everything under control and have the entire time! She looks frazzled. “Our flight out…. Still delayed…??” “No, you missed it. I’ve got you rescheduled to the next flight, it leaves at 10, boarding is in 15 minutes in C26. Here’s your boarding passes, come on.”

We get there with just enough time for a quick potty break, and then they immediately board the new plane. The screen says landing at 11:11 pm. I text that to her partner then head out. I took the Skylink back to D wondering if and how my daughter got to Terminal D. When I get off the Skylink, I met the guy who initially helped us with the rebooking, and I thanked him again. He said, “You’re already back from Terminal C?!” “Oh yes, they’ve boarded, thank you so much.” “Why are you here… oh, did you PARK in Terminal D? HAHAHAHA!!” “Yes, I did….” I join him in laughter, but I’m not entirely sure why that’s funny.

Then I follow the signs to baggage claim and burst through security. D31 Baggage Claim… I’m in the right spot, and LOOK! So is my daughter!! She’s good. 😉 She got all the way to D31 and was EXACTLY where I expected her to be when I got there. I have to say, I’m rather proud of her.

Oh my, what an adventure. Applesauce.

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