The Birds and the Bees…

We’ve raised, bred, and milked goats for several years.  I say we – it’s mostly been me, but my family helps with feeding and such sometimes.

My sweet Nubian named Sugar is pregnant and expecting (likely) twins. She is in the early stages of labor, but she isn’t yet actively laboring. While we wait, we are doing frequent checks. Part of that includes looking at her hoo-ha to see changes, look for discharge, etc.

This afternoon, I was sitting in the yard with Sugar. She was complaining of pain and just wanted to be held. So I was on the ground with her head in my lap. When I stopped petting her, she let me know that my hand needed to be rubbing her face. My teenage daughter came out and sat beside us. We chitter-chatted for a few minutes before she turned her attention to Sugar asked me, “So what exactly are we looking for?”

I lifted Sugar’s tail and showed her Sugar’s swollen vulva. We talked about what it looks like vs. what it typically looks like vs. what it’s GOING to look like. She responded, “Hmmm….” and sat there silently for a little bit…. looking at Sugar and thinking about who knows what.

Then she spontaneously asked, “Hey Mom? How does a GOAT fit through that little hole?!”


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