Not Funny…..

I had a little electrical problem with a porch light. I noticed the fixture was broken and there were places it looked like it had burned some wood around it. I had the switch taped off so we didn’t burn the house down. We used to hide the house key on top of the light fixture.

Not a problem though – I can change a light fixture! I picked up a new fixture and gathered tools to get the job done. I turned off the electricity and went outside to remove the old one…. Except it didn’t take a flat head screw driver. Or a phillips. Nope, it required a socket, and I didn’t have that. So I packed everything back up and turned the electricity back on.

The next time I was in town, I picked up a basic socket set. Then I got excited because… I can do it now!! I can fix the light!! I was already in my night gown, and I did NOT have on shoes. But that didn’t matter since I wasn’t leaving my porch, right? I turned off the electricity at the breaker, got my new socket set out, and quickly removed the old fixture. Guess what went flying? Yep. The house key. I just knew it had fallen under the porch, but after quite a bit of scrambling and looking, I finally found it. I picked it up and set it inside the door on a shelf temporarily until I could find something else to do with it.

I was really shocked at how damaged the old fixture was. Like WOW, I’m surprised the house did NOT burn down!! But that’s okay – I’ve got this. I pulled out the new one, hooked it up, and….


My sweet, adorable, lovely two-year-old was just inside the door. And he figured out how to lock it. From the inside. And the key? Inside. And me? Outside. In a gown and NO SHOES.

I couldn’t walk around and bang on the front door by where my daughter was sitting because I didn’t have shoes. *sigh* I banged and banged and banged…. He could not understand to UNlock the door to let me in so I was stuck outside on the porch in my gown, banging on the door and trying my best to get my daughter’s attention so she could come let me back in.

When she finally opened the door, she looked at me like I had gone completely mad. Maybe I looked like I had. LOL She went, “I didn’t lock that.” I said, “Yeah, I know. HE did. Thanks for letting me back in.”


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